I attend the historic launch on February 6, 2018 - and I followed the serious Internet chat and forum advice to go early. I was on-site at 2:00am day of the launch, 4 hours before Jetty park opened.

My biggest expereince observation was the need for comnual eating, breaking bread. We were all there, we all brought stuff, but we only share words or snapping photographs.
I was actually interviewed by a local Fox News around 10:30am affiliate bcause I got out my Coleman butate stove I had at my house for hurricanes (best to test your equipment).
Can not cook? Avoid glass in places people are hanging out barefood in Flordia ;) I once had a Dell (Round Rock Texas) employee go with me to a grocery store at like 9:00am in the morning and we filled a cart wtih $300 worth of drink/food so we could have a SXSW party to promote Open Source software - as part of a Linux Users Group! My premise was that Linux had no official marketing arm and needed to have random events events from a users group. All I did was mention who paid for it in an acknolwedgement and explination of how I got the event. 30 or 40 people for 4 hours daytime casual event on the main drag (Sixth street), was a good time! We parsed out the leftovers at the end.
I wrote this like a potluck list. Style shifts and all. This is the land of ThanksGiving Potlucks, let's think community and things to remember - breaking bread together. REWRITE this list, STEAL this list, improve this list. Make it GOODNESS at a human level, and organic. ἔρανος / Eranos.